At Touch Tones Music we understand the vital role of synchronisation licensing in the modern music world. To reflect this our creative sales department works extremely hard to make sure that each of our songs reaches the ears of those making the crucial decisions about whether a song gets used in an advertisement, film, trailer or any other media.

Touch Tones Music's catalogue is as unique as it is diverse, and it has proved to be a great source of music right across the media spectrum, from major motion pictures, to World-famous, blue-chip brands and some of the top-selling Video Games titles on the market.

In the film world some of notable placements include: Total Recall, The Coen Brothers' Burn After Reading, The Inbetweeners Movie, Morning Glory and the Bafta Award-winning French film Un Prophete. Other Film, TV and Video Games uses include the title themes to season 1

of True Detective & Better Call Saul, Sony Singstar, Penny Dreadful, Shameless, EA Games' FIFA 15, The London 2012 Olympics, The Mighty Boosh, Mr Bean, The Fast & The Furious, Nurse Jackie and Skins.

Major brands that have used Touch Tones Music to great effect include Microsoft, Adidas, VW, Cadillac, Rimmel, Toyota, Amex, Gordon’s Gin, Baileys, Glenfiddich, Target, Burberry, GAP and Samsung.

Whether you are looking for music for Film, TV, Advertising, Video Games, Mobile or any other use, please email our synch department who can provide free, fast searches.


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